Things to do during your stay in Rosetta

Take a look at all the lovely attractions and activities available at the Goose House and the surrounding area. To discover where the wedding venues, restaurants, bars, activities and cafes are located explore our map of the Midlands on the Location page.

Hiking and Walking

If you love hiking, walking, beautiful views and swimming in streams of pure mountain water then this is where you should go. It’s only an hour’s drive away. The walk can be anything between a short stroll or a whole day adventure. Fresh air, scenic views, wildlife, rivers, flora can all be expected. Camera recommended. It’s a bird lovers paradise. Suits all ranges of people no matter your level of fitness. What more can you ask for? Except for a grand bottle of whisky of course.

Cycling around the Midlands

Are you a cyclist, if so bring your bike and enter the various races the area has to offer. For amateurs, a casual ride along the back roads is very possible but if you feel like a challenge then there are races to fulfil your urges. Races vary in distance from between 5 km’s to 80 km’s and beyond. The Burg 100 is just one famous example of the kind of races one can expect.

Swimming and Fishing in the local dams

The Midmar Mile, a famous swimming race attracting people from all over the world well within your reach. This is a well-known area for trout fishing on local farm dams and rivers.


The Midlands Meander boasts numerous shops of sophisticated, local arts and crafts as well as antiques. Piggly Wiggly is a prime example of the hustle and bustle of the Midlands shopping life.


The cuisine ranges from anything from take away pizzas to fine dining. There so many from which to choose…

Eating at Goose House

Breakfasts at the Goose House home cooked by your hosts Anne and Fred. Simply satisfying. All dietary requirements catered for. As an added taste, Anne is in the business of creating interesting preserves.

Take a break

A peaceful place for relaxation, reading, sunset drinking, conversation, early morning views and quite time to recharge after city living.

Bird Watching and Photography

The Crown Crane, a majestic endangered bird is often a permanent resident on the banks of the dam amongst many other water birds. It’s a sight worth capturing.